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Cambridge City Council

Cambridge residents still have time to get discount on new trees to help urban forest growth

28 February 2022

CAMBRIDGE residents can enjoy 20% off the cost of a new tree for their garden until the end of March. 

Cambridge City Council has teamed up with one of the UK’s leading tree suppliers Ashridge Nurseries for the promotion, as part of its Cambridge Canopy Project to increase the extent of the city’s urban forest. 

The offer coincides with the national drive to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this year by planting thousands of trees across the country for the ‘Queen’s Green Canopy’. 

To claim the discount, residents can visit and select from dozens of tree varieties or a number of different hardy shrubs also included in the offer. 

When paying for the tree or trees, residents should insert the code ‘CCP20’ and proceed through to the checkout where the 20% discount will be applied. 

The offer forms part of the council’s work on the Cambridge Canopy Project which is extending Cambridge’s urban forest through a number of approaches, including: 

 - Planting 2,000 trees on council-owned land including 33 new trees planted on Parker’s Piece this winter. A special community event to plant 12 elm trees there was held on 22 February

 - Distributing approximately 1,500 trees to residents through the council’s Free Trees for Babies scheme and targeted ‘Neighbourhood Canopy Campaigns’  

 - Working with residents and businesses to plant 12,500 trees in gardens and on other privately-owned land

The over-arching aim of the Canopy Project is to increase the city’s tree canopy cover from 17% to 19% by 2050. Strategic use of trees in urban settings helps tackle climate change, makes our towns and cities more resilient for the future, and can bring about a number of positive benefits to residents and visitors, including: 

 - Provision of shade and shelter from the sun and wind 

 - Active cooling of the air around them 

 - Alleviation of flooding by slowing rainfall, increasing percolation to ground water, and through the uptake of water 

 - Reduction of noise and filtration of air pollutants. 

Currently there are more than 300,000 trees across the city of Cambridge, 30,000 of these are on council-owned or managed land. The majority of trees in Cambridge are situated on privately-owned land, for example in household gardens and in University college grounds. 

The Cambridge Canopy Project is part of a wider European initiative called Nature Smart Cities across the 2 Seas which aims to help communities adapt to climate change and increase the amount of green infrastructure in participating cities. It also forms part of the council’s response to declaring both climate and biodiversity emergencies.  

Cllr Alex Collis, Executive Councillor for Open Spaces, Sustainable Food and Community Wellbeing, said: “I hope as many residents as possible take advantage of this excellent discount offer on trees before the end of the month, as they could help make a significant contribution to the city’s expanding urban forest, as well as providing years of pleasure at home.  

“Trees play a vital role in the life of the city, providing pleasure to many residents and visitors, as well as tangible benefits to people’s well-being, to combat the effects of the climate emergency and provide food and shelter for wildlife.  

“Residents, businesses and other landowners can get involved in our Cambridge Canopy Project in lots of different ways. If every household in Cambridge with a garden planted just one extra tree it would have a huge impact on the size of our tree canopy, with benefits for wildlife and for people.”