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Cambridge City Council

Window Wanderland brings colour and delight to the city this January

13 January 2022

As twilight falls on Cambridge each evening, magical windows everywhere are coming to life ablaze with colour, light and imagination.

The city’s second year of Window Wanderland has begun; set to dispel January gloom for a fortnight from 10 – 23 January, with homes and businesses transforming glass into glowing works of art.

Successful Window Wanderland events have been organised by community groups across the UK since 2015, when the first event was held in Bristol. 

And, after the success and popularity of Cambridge’s launch event in 2021 when nearly 200 different window displays were created, people are being urged to get creative with scissors and tissue once again to make this year’s event just as memorable.

Organised by Cambridge City Council, Cllr Anna Smith, Leader of the Council said: "Window Wanderland is back for a second year lifting our spirits with light and colour, and we hope the word spreads with even more people joining in this lovely event.

"Personally, this is just what I need after Christmas, bringing a bit of light to winter evenings. Whether you want to create a display yourself or enjoy a night-time walk looking at other people’s creations, Window Wanderland really is something the whole family can enjoy.

"I’m especially delighted to see the interest being shown by schools, with creative packs being widely distributed among pupils including at Queen Edith, Queen Emma and Milton Road Primary Schools and look forward to seeing the children’s window ideas!"

The number of artists involved in Window Wanderland 2022 has also expanded. Among the displays already visible in Cambridge are those at Cherry Hinton Library and Barnwell Road Library, created by locally based artists specially commissioned for the event - Ewa Pandera and Oblique Arts (Penny Sobr, Sibylle Hutter, Karen Kellet).

Also, look out for 8, St Andrews Street, the city centre shop taken over by Cathy Dunbar and another artist to host various art for the next couple of weeks, including a Window Wanderland piece. And, an additional four artists have been commissioned by Cambridge BID to bring some Window Wanderland magic to ground floor windows in Station Road, a key gateway into Cambridge for many, including tourists and commuters.

 How to get involved

Taking part is FREE and everyone is welcome.
Use front windows of your home, business, school, nursery, car, shop, or even your door, or front garden. Once complete, locations can be uploaded at and will appear on the online map guide to after-dark Art Trails.

For the latest info: Facebook and Twitter @CamCityEvents

Looking for Inspiration?

If you’re wondering what to make, it can be as simple or as spectacular as you like, as long as it’s family friendly. You can use tissue paper or tracing paper images, make a sign, handprints, use your recycling materials, or a projector…endless possibilities!

For inspirational tips on materials go to

The best displays can be the simplest. For ideas and inspiration for window creations go to the Window Wanderland website