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Cambridge City Council

School children step back in time at Archaeological dig

20 August 2021

The children got to spend time with archaeologist Izzie learning about the dig and why it takes place, what you can potentially discover and what it tells about the way people lived as well as what you need to do at school to become an archaeologist.

They also got to see for themselves artefacts that have been found at various different sites over the years. 

Rebecca Muscara, teacher at Orchard Park Community Primary School said,

“Thank you so much for hosting us! We had a brilliant time and the children were so engaged. My Year 4 students were talking about their adventures all the way back home and for the rest of the afternoon!”

Izzie Ward from Cotswold Archaeology said,

“Engaging local children in archaeology improves their understanding of their area’s past, bringing what they learn in school to life before their very eyes! We’ve found this helps to create a sense of belonging for both new and old residents, breaking down barriers between generations as children learn more about everyone’s place in their mutual history.”

Following the completion of the archaeological work, we have reopened part of the football area, following feedback from local residents, to allow for more of the open space to be used by the local community in the summer holidays and putting up temporary goalposts. Work will then take place in early September to deliver the upgraded football pitch from Summer 2022.