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Cambridge City Council

Residents invited to join in with next phase of conversation on future plans for East Barnwell

News release from 24 November 2020

CAMBRIDGE City Council is encouraging residents to join in with the next phase of discussion about future development in the East Barnwell area.

In February and March this year, the council held its initial ‘East Barnwell Conversation’ with residents in Abbey ward. The council worked in partnership with local group Abbey People to reach out to other community groups as well as engaging with residents online.

The conversation asked local people about their views of how the East Barnwell area should change over the next ten years, and what kinds of development they would like to see.

Residents raised a number of concerns about East Barnwell and their priorities for change in the area. These were:

  • The overuse of roads running through East Barnwell, which currently experience heavy traffic on a daily basis;
  • The need for new community facilities in the area, as existing facilities are popular but overused and outdated;
  • The need for new modern housing in the area;
  • The need for more shops and commercial facilities;
  • The need for improvements to public open space.

Based on the results of the first stage of the East Barnwell Conversation, the council has prepared a draft report titled ‘East Barnwell – a Framework for Change’ and is asking residents to review it and offer feedback on the work done so far.

The feedback received at this stage will inform the content of the final report, which will focus on the details of individual site developments.

In addition to the East Barnwell Conversation, the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) is running its own consultation this year on the ‘Cambridge Eastern Access’ project, which aims to improve transport to the east of the city. Five options for public transport, walking and cycling are outlined in this consultation including two options for Newmarket Road. The GCP is also looking for comments from residents on their proposals.

Residents can get involved in the two consultations in a number of ways:

Cllr Richard Johnson, Executive Councillor for Housing, said: “The council wants to work alongside residents as we develop our plans for future investment in East Barnwell.

“We want to make East Barnwell a great place to live, with a redesigned local centre, modern housing facilities and a bigger and better Abbey Pool. We are keeping the East Barnwell Conversation going so that the plans we are bringing forward will meet the needs of the area, and local feedback is really important to getting this right.”