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Cambridge City Council

Council ready to lead Cambridge through second lockdown with message that 'You are not alone'

News release from 3 November 2020

FOLLOWING the Government’s announcement of national lockdown restrictions from Thursday to bring the rate of coronavirus infections across England right down and to protect the NHS, Cambridge City Council has issued a message to residents and businesses that “You are not alone”. 

Cllr Lewis Herbert, Leader of Cambridge City Council said: “No-one would have wanted to be facing these further restrictions, but we need to control the virus now, not later when it’s even worse. 

“We know how it will put great pressure on businesses required to close, add to the worries of people concerned about their jobs, and limit the social content our residents young and old can have. But our message to residents and businesses is that ‘You are not alone’.   

“We know from our partnership work with businesses and our 14 community-led mutual aid networks covering the whole city in the spring that if families and households take it equally seriously this time we can get through second lockdown by sticking together and supporting each other. We saw then a tremendous spirit of community bonding, and exceptional neighbourliness and caring. We know that as a city we will rise to this new challenge in the same way. 

“The city council will continue to provide essential services through this period as best we can within the restrictions. More details on any unavoidable changes to services will be announced as soon as we can, including on Wednesday, so please do follow the council’s social media and look on our website for those announcements. 

“We are waiting to hear more details promised by Tuesday afternoon from the Government on precisely what is going to be allowed, what support there might be for workers, businesses and the most vulnerable members of our community, and more detailed advice on issues like outdoor exercise and rules on who can meet who outside.  

“We will communicate full guidance and detail as soon as we have those updates, and assist businesses in any ways the Government asks us and funds us to do. We will also recreate our partnerships with market traders, and promote innovative local independents and others committed to continuing delivering food and essential items safely in Cambridge, along with other shops continuing to operate. 

“In the meantime, I would encourage everyone to follow the national advice to ‘Wash Hands, Cover Face, Make Space’, in the weeks and months ahead, and to follow rules that minimise social mixing in order to reduce the risk of infections of a virus that is both deadly and so easily transmitted. Do look out for your friends and neighbours, particularly the elderly and vulnerable. But please do so safely. 

“If we all pull together and do our bit, I am hopeful that we can once again as a city have one of the lowest mortality rates in our general population and avoid Cambridge coming out of this national lockdown and being put by Government into a higher tier than we went into it.  

“If we can achieve that, we can still have something to look forward to at the end of the year and through the winter ahead. We know it won’t be easy, but it truly is the case that by working together, Cambridge can be a safer place for us all a month from now.” 

For the latest information on changes to council services and support for Cambridge residents and businesses visit