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Cambridge City Council

E-scooters to be trialled in Cambridge

News release from 16 October 2020

A TRIAL of e-scooters by supplier, Voi, has begun in Cambridge.

Commenting on the trial, Cllr Nicky Massey, Executive Councillor for Transport and Community Safety, said: “We are supportive in principle of any environmentally-friendly, sustainable modes of transport that will help us to tackle the climate emergency and cut congestion in Cambridge.

“E-scooters certainly have potential and we are cautiously supportive of the trial that is about to get under way in Cambridge.

“Cambridge is renowned for cycling and for innovation and we want to encourage these kinds of sustainable initiatives.

“Any new scheme needs to be right for our city, to respect its heritage and its space. We will want to be assured that Voi e-scooters are not cluttering our streets and pavements or causing a nuisance and obstruction to pedestrians, people who use wheelchairs, people pushing buggies and cyclists.

“As these are electric and very nearly silent, we do have concerns about the dangers to other roads users like pedestrians and cyclists who may not hear them coming, perhaps because of a disability, and we note that trials in other parts of the country have experienced significant problems.

“All of this needs to be well managed and we will expect Voi to work closely with the city council to keep us informed about the progress of the trial and their developing business plan.”

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority is leading the trial with Voi following incentivisation from government.