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Cambridge City Council

Council publishes draft 'Framework for Change' in East Barnwell

News release from 14 September 2020

CAMBRIDGE City Council has today published a report introducing a draft masterplan that sets out high level proposals for future development and land use in East Barnwell.

Councillors will discuss the recommendations in the report, which was produced by Carter Jonas who were commissioned by the council, at Housing Scrutiny Committee on 24 September.

The ‘Framework for Change’ report comprises a draft masterplan outlining future development and land use for East Barnwell.

In February the council asked East Barnwell residents, businesses, community organisations and other stakeholders for their views on priorities for the future of the local area.

The centre of the area around the Newmarket Road / Barnwell Road junction is an important focus for regeneration and growth.

The focus of the work is on how best to:

  • Create a new centre for East Barnwell including better community facilities;
  • Provide for additional housing to meet high levels of housing need;
  • Bring agencies and stakeholders together to maximise benefits and delivery of improvements;
  • Improve movement around East Barnwell for pedestrians and cyclists.

The council worked with local groups such as Abbey People to carry out a detailed study of the opportunities for regeneration and investment in East Barnwell.

Involvement of all groups in the local community was encouraged to help produce a co-ordinated plan for the local area. 

There were over 1,100 visits to the dedicated website and more than 65 comments were submitted. Over 100 local people attended physical events before they were cut short by Coronavirus lockdown rules.

Better recreation facilities for outdoor sports and activities could be provided through expansion of the Abbey Leisure Complex, for example.

Improved movement for pedestrians and cyclists could be provided across the area and by working with the Greater Cambridge Partnership on emerging plans for the Eastern Access corridor.

Cllr Richard Johnson, Executive Councillor for Housing, said: “We have listened closely to what local people told us earlier this year and that feedback has been key to shaping the report published today.

“Delivering more homes to meet the acute shortage is a priority for the council and it is essential that new homes are supported by the infrastructure and amenities that make for strong and sustainable communities. I look forward to discussing the report and next steps at Housing Scrutiny Committee.”

If approved, the next phase would involve consulting local stakeholders further on their development ideas relating to sites or buildings that they own. Further public consultation will follow on specific proposals that come out of this process. 

The East Barnwell project is grant funded by the Cabinet Office's One Public Estate programme, which aims to make use of the public sector's extensive but often fragmented land resources to deliver housing, commercial space, capital, receipts and/or job creation.

Housing Scrutiny Committee will be asked to approve high level master planning options for the East Barnwell area and approve further local stakeholder engagement.