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Cambridge City Council

Councillor Mike Davey takes up finance and resources portfolio

News release from 8 September 2020

CLLR Mike Davey has taken up the role of Executive Councillor for Finance and Resources at Cambridge City Council.

Cllr Davey succeeds Cllr Richard Robertson who stepped down last week having led the city finance portfolio for over four years since May 2016.

Commenting on his departure from the role, Cllr Robertson said: “During the four and a bit years I have worked as the city’s Executive Councillor for Finance and Resources we have faced continuous reductions in government funding.

“Despite this we have maintained, and enhanced in some ways, our programme of services for Cambridge, especially in the priority areas such as supporting those less well off.

“This has been possible because of the hard work and support of the team of staff and, as I pass the baton on, I thank all the officers for their input and support.

“Funding seems destined to continue to be full of uncertainty but with the dedication and creativity of the staff, such as in finding further efficiency savings, we will be able to continue to serve our residents and the city as a whole.” 

Incoming Executive Councillor Mike Davey, who has chaired Strategy and Resources Scrutiny Committee since May 2019, said: “I’m proud to have been asked by Labour councillors to become Executive Councillor for Finance and Resources even at this most difficult of times.

“Despite the likely shortfall in finances arriving from central government, I remain committed to delivering the council’s core priorities of fighting poverty, building hundreds more council homes, tackling climate change and assisting our city plan for a prosperous and sustainable future after we have beaten Coronavirus.”

Cllr Lewis Herbert, Leader of the City Council, added: “I’d like to pay my personal tribute to Cllr Richard Robertson and to our officer team for their wise recent financial leadership. They have enabled a strong legacy from years of hard work of far better focused city finances and sound long term investments, building on the prudence of their predecessors.

“The council now faces unprecedented uncertainty in future financial planning, particularly with the government still to match their promise of refunding councils on major 2021 shortfalls in income and extra spend due to Coronavirus; in our case a gap of over £8 million this year alone.

“Led by Cllr Mike Davey, we will make sure we address future budget challenges equally astutely and continue to deliver sound finances for our city and the services residents rely on.”

Cllr Davey’s council profile is here: