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Cambridge church becomes Living Wage accredited

News release from 11/06/2019

THE Memorial (Unitarian) Church on Emmanuel Road in Cambridge is the seventy-first employer based in Cambridge to have become accredited with the Living Wage Foundation.

Cambridge City Council met with the church to provide advice about how to become Living Wage accredited.

The council has been raising awareness of, and providing advice on, Living Wage accreditation for many years and became accredited itself in 2014.

In becoming accredited, the Memorial (Unitarian) Church has committed to pay directly employed and contracted staff a minimum rate, called the Real Living Wage.

This rate has been independently calculated to reflect living costs in the UK. The Real Living Wage rate is currently £9 per hour and is £10.20 for London.

The Memorial (Unitarian) Church in Cambridge was founded in 1904. It holds two services each Sunday and events throughout the year, which are open to all, including people from all faiths or none. It is also a community resource, with its hall and facilities for hire.

Cllr Anna Smith, Executive Councillor for Communities, said: “Congratulations to the Memorial (Unitarian) Church on their Living Wage accreditation.

“Religious organisations, including the Memorial (Unitarian) Church, play a key role in tackling social issues in the city, like poverty and homelessness. Given this, we hope that the church’s accreditation will lead more faith groups to also seek accreditation in recognition of the role the Real Living Wage plays in tackling economic inequality in the city.”

On behalf of the committee of the Memorial (Unitarian) Church, Rosemary Watson said: “The Real Living Wage is important to us as a faith community because we are aware that Cambridge is one of the most unequal places in the country with, for example, high use of the Foodbank, often by people who are in work.

“We consider becoming accredited for a Real Living Wage is a way of influencing change, and want to encourage other institutions to become accredited also.”

Any employer interested in becoming accredited as a Real Living Wage employer should contact Helen Crowther, Equality and Anti-Poverty Officer on 01223 457046.