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Statement on European parliamentary elections

News release from 28/05/2019

ANTOINETTE Jackson, Chief Executive of Cambridge City Council and Local Returning Officer, has confirmed that she will be undertaking a thorough review into the concerns raised by some EU residents who found they could not vote in last week’s European Parliamentary elections.

There will be a full report to the council’s Civic Affairs Committee on 24 July 2019, reviewing all aspects of the European elections and recent local elections.

Antoinette Jackson said: “The city’s election team worked hard to enable as many people to vote as possible within the constraints of the legislation and the tight timescales for this late notice election.  

“There were a number of EU residents who wished to exercise their right to vote last Thursday but found they could not do so. Understandably they were very frustrated and disappointed.

“It is important we review why this happened so that the council, the Electoral Commission and the Government can learn from this.

“We are responding to all complaints we received and will be replying to individuals in the coming days. Any EU citizens who have not already been in contact can raise their issues by emailing”