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Council appoints artist in residence for River Cam public art project

News release from 15/08/2018

CAMBRIDGE City Council has appointed artist, Caroline Wright, to lead a large public art commission that will celebrate and promote the story of the River Cam and its role in shaping the city of Cambridge.

Caroline will be ‘artist in residence’ until next spring and will organise a programme of events and activities designed to give local people the opportunity to participate creatively in the River Cam project.

As artist in residence, Caroline will involve local residents, businesses and those who actively use or have an interest in the river.  The focus of her work will be on how the Cam forms a beautiful corridor through the city, how it helps to define Cambridge’s character, making social, environmental and historical connections.

An interdisciplinary artist based in Suffolk, Caroline has been working locally, nationally and internationally for over ten years. Her practice spans visual and performance work that is often socially engaged and site specific.

Cllr Anna Smith, Executive Councillor for Streets and Open Spaces, said: “Caroline is an exciting artist who responds to the places she works in.

“Input from local people will be key to the success of this commission and Caroline will embark on a varied programme of work, including events that are designed to stimulate a conversation about the river and its setting.

“This commission is a great way of producing high quality public art that connects with and directly involves local people. I am looking forward to seeing the outcomes of her work over the year.”

Caroline Wright said: “I am thrilled to be selected as artist in residence for the River Cam project and very excited to research and work with a waterway of such significance that has a vital history and place within Cambridge and its community.

“During my residency I am looking forward to connecting with, and learning from, the people of the city to discover their stories and thoughts about the river and will use these conversations to develop my artistic ideas to celebrate and promote the story of the River Cam.”

More information about Caroline’s upcoming ‘artist in residence’ events and activities will be published in due course.  Meanwhile, if you would like to find out more about the project and associated engagement programme, please email the council’s public art team to be included on the mailing list at:

The £90k commission is being funded by Public Art S106 contributions from developers, which have been negotiated specifically for public art and cannot be used for anything else.

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