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Annual report highlights council's successes and areas for improvement during the last year

News release from 17/07/2018

THE performance of Cambridge City Council over the last 12 months has been set out in its annual performance report. The report analyses the council’s performance against its objectives for 2017-18 from the Corporate Plan 2016-19.

Among the achievements highlighted in the annual report are that:

  • 431 new affordable homes were built in Cambridge last year through a combination of the council’s own house-building programme and delivery by other housing providers;
  • 1,240 households were prevented or relieved from becoming homeless. The council’s Single Homeless Service rehoused 108 people during the year, removing the risk of them sleeping rough;
  • The annual count of city centre rough sleepers in November 2017 saw the number reduced from 40 to 26, in contrast with the generally rising trend in the UK;
  • £298,000 was spent on 21 anti-poverty projects to help residents living on low incomes. These included providing 3,000 free community lunches for families during school holidays and giving energy saving advice to 175 households;
  • 85 refugees from Syria and other countries have now been resettled in Cambridge as part of the Home Office’s official scheme;
  • There were 805,000 visits to our swimming pools and leisure facilities during the year;
  • 100% of the electricity used in council buildings came from renewable sources;
  • 110,000 people from priority groups attended our community centres, down slightly from last year;
  • Air quality improved at monitoring stations but is still a priority for the council, including through a new Air Quality Action Plan;
  • The council continued to take measures against the anti-social behaviour of punt touts, including through prosecutions (and has since achieved an even greater reduction following action to end unauthorised occupation by punt operators on council land at Garret Hostel Lane);
  • Use of multi-storey car parks fell slightly, linked to the council’s encouragement of alternatives modes of transport into the city.

The Corporate Plan, adopted in 2016, sets out the key objectives the council is seeking to achieve over a three year period and the performance indicators used to measure progress on its seven priorities:

  1. Delivering sustainable prosperity for Cambridge and fair shares for all;
  2. Tackling the city’s housing crisis and delivering our planning objectives;
  3. Making Cambridge safer and more inclusive;
  4. Investing in improving transport;
  5. Protecting our city’s unique quality of life;
  6. Protecting essential services and transforming delivery;
  7. Tackling climate change and making Cambridge cleaner and greener.

Cllr Lewis Herbert, Leader of the Council, said: “Our annual performance report highlights positive ways the council and its services are improving our city environment and the lives of residents, particularly those living on low incomes in Cambridge who need our help the most.

“The report also identifies areas in which we have further work to improve our performance and learn where things have not gone so well. Despite strained resources, we are determined to meet the demands of a growing city, and to ensure Cambridge remains a great place to live, work or visit.”

The full annual report [PDF, 3MB] can be read on the council’s website.

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