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Web consultancy commits to the Real Living Wage

News release from 22/03/2018

A CAMBRIDGE-based web consultancy has joined the growing Living Wage movement in the city by becoming accredited with the Living Wage Foundation.

HiTeam Ltd (also with the trading name of Web Works Well) became accredited with support from Cambridge City Council.

The company is the 57th Cambridge employer to become Living Wage accredited, demonstrating their belief that a fair day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay.

HiTeam Ltd sought accreditation after attending a presentation from the council on the impact of poverty in Cambridge.

The presentation, given at a Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce event in January, explained the business benefits of becoming Living Wage accredited and the support available from the council for employers.

Cllr Richard Johnson said: “Congratulations to HiTeam on their Living Wage accreditation, which publicly demonstrates their commitment to fair pay.

“We would like more companies to follow their example and support the Living Wage campaign to help increase incomes and combat poverty in the city.

“Paying the Real Living Wage is especially important in Cambridge, which has been identified as the most unequal city in the UK for two years running due to the very high living costs in the city.

“The Real Living Wage is the only rate of pay that has been calculated in order to reflect real costs of living.”

HiTeam has two offices based in Cambridge. They offer a range of services to benefit businesses, including social media or search engine optimisation packages that generate traffic to websites and strategic planning.

Mark Layzell, Managing Director and Founder of HiTeam, said: “HiTeam has become a Real Living Wage employer as a commitment to our present and future staff. We want to attract the best possible people to join our rapidly expanding team so that we are able to offer more top-quality, affordable services to more SMEs in the local area.”

The council has been encouraging and supporting employers to pay the Real Living Wage and to become Living Wage accredited since 2015. This is a key part of the council’s Anti-poverty Strategy to ensure people in Cambridge earn enough to live on.

As well as benefits for employees, there are also a number of business benefits to Living Wage accreditation. These benefits include enhanced reputation as a fair employer, increased productivity, and improvements to staff retention that leads to reduced recruitment and training costs.

The Real Living Wage calculations are based on rigorous academic research on the amount people need to meet living costs. It is recalculated in November each year.

The national living wage is based on a percentage of median income – currently at 55% but later to rise to 60%.

The Real Living Wage UK rate is £8.75 per hour (and £10.20 in London) for those aged 18 and over. The national living wage is £7.50 for over 25 year-olds (and will be £7.83 as of the 1April).

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