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Cambridge City Council

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Living Wage Week

Living Wage Week takes place around the UK every November. It celebrates employers who pay the Living Wage Foundation’s ‘Real Living Wage’ and encourages others to do so.

Living Wage Week 2021 takes place from 15 to 21 November. It marks the 20th anniversary of the national campaign.

On 16 November we will host an online event for businesses, discussing how they can help tackle poverty and inequality in the city.

There will be presentations on how businesses can tackle homelessness (from It Takes A City) and food poverty (from Cambridge Sustainable Food), and promote race equality in their workplaces (from Cambridge Ethnic Community Forum).

There will also be a presentation from the Living Wage Foundation on the impact that the campaign for the real Living Wage has had and the future for the national campaign. It will also explore practicalities of accreditation for businesses with the Foundation.