Litter code

Businesses are powerful role models to customers - they can make a real difference by setting a strong example and encouraging customers not to litter.

Street litter is a serious problem for cities such as Cambridge, so we have introduced a voluntary code for businesses to help reduce litter in Cambridge.

Any business, large or small, whose operations or staff may produce litter can sign up to pledges as part of the code.

Waste from businesses is considered separately and only becomes a problem if it is not managed, stored, or disposed of correctly and therefore becomes litter.

Sign up

Read our guide to the litter code [PDF] and then complete a pledge form [PDF].

Return your form to:

Voluntary Litter Code
PO Box 336
Cambridge CB1 2WS

For more information about the scheme email the Public Realm Enforcement Team at or telephone 01223 458282.


This voluntary code of practice operates on the following principles:

  1. The quality of public space matters to everyone including businesses. Clean public spaces attract custom to businesses.
  2. Businesses suffer from customers dropping litter. Produce and its wrappings discarded as litter degrades the perception of a business and will reduce trade.
  3. Demonstrating good practice.  Seventy-four per cent of businesses already clear litter from outside their premises.  It is recognised good business practice to maintain a clean and tidy property.
  4. All businesses selling food for immediate consumption off the premises that is dropped outdoors create litter.
  5. Local agreements are best. Statutory obligations exist for businesses to keep their land clear of litter and manage their trade waste. Legislation is available to local authorities to serve notice on those businesses that create excess litter, requiring that they clean up to 100m either side of their business.

The code sets standards for different business types to come to voluntary arrangements with Cambridge City Council to enable everyone to play their part by pledging to keep their environment clean and tidy. We recognise businesses' limitations but pledge to also recognise existing good practice.

Further information

The code was originally launched to coincide with the new smoking laws, and aimed to help address the potential rise in smoking-related litter on the city's streets, as well as addressing some of the existing problems with fast-food litter.

Existing pledges

The following businesses within Cambridge have already taken steps and signed up to the litter voluntary code:

  • Arbury Kebabs (Northfield Avenue)
  • Cafe de Paris (Mill Road)
  • Cambridge County Court (East Road)
  • Children's Society (Rectory Terrace, Cherry Hinton)
  • Cinar, Authentic Turkish Cuisine (Regent Street)
  • Costa Coffee (Mill Road)
  • Cuckoo (St Mary's Passage)
  • D'Arrys (King Street)
  • Diamond Grill (Arbury Road)
  • Dominos Pizza (Rectory Terrace, Cherry Hinton)
  • Express Convenience Store (Wulfstan Way)
  • General Convenience Store (High Street, Cherry Hinton)
  • Hartique (Wulfstan Way)
  • Indian Mini Market (High Street, Cherry Hinton)
  • Kays Chemist (Wulfstan Way)
  • Khangs Fish Shop (Wulfstan Way)
  • Lensfield Hotel (Lensfield Road)
  • M & H General Stores (Wulfstan Way)
  • McDonalds (Newmarket Road)
  • McDonalds (Rose Crescent)
  • Nipin (Mill Road)
  • Petrou Brothers (Burleigh Street)
  • Pizza Hut (Regent Street)
  • Sahara (St Mary's Passage)
  • Sainsbury's (Mill Road)
  • Samping Oriental Supermarket (High Street, Cherry Hinton)
  • Seafood Shake (Regent Street)
  • Shan’s Green End Convenience Store (Green End Road, Chesterton)
  • Starbucks (Fitzroy Street)
  • Subway (Emmanuel Street)
  • Subway (Hills Road)
  • Subway (Market Hill)
  • Subway (Mill Road)
  • Sue Ryder (Rectory Terrace, Cherry Hinton)
  • Tesco Express (Rectory Terrace, Cherry Hinton)
  • The Coffee House (Wulfstan Way)
  • The House, Authentic Thai Cuisine (Regent Street)
  • The Mill (Mill Lane)
  • The Olive Grove (Regent Street)
  • The Snug (Lensfield Road)
  • The Vedanta (Regent Street)
  • Trumpington News (Trumpington Street)
  • West Cornwall Pasty Co (Market Hill)
  • Winfield Chinese Supermarket (Wulfstan Way)
  • Winners (Cherry Hinton High Street)
  • 2648 (Trinity Street)
  • @72 China (Regent Street)

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