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LHA rates for couples

If you're part of a couple and don't live with any dependants, and

you live in:

  • a self-contained property (you have your own room plus your own bathroom, toilet, kitchen or cooking facilities, e.g. a one-bedroom flat)
  • shared accommodation (but have two or more rooms (bedrooms or living rooms) that no-one else can use)

your benefit will be based on the one bedroom LHA rate.

If you live in shared accommodation, your benefit will be based on the LHA shared room rate.

We class a couple as:

  • a man and a woman who are married or are living together as if they are married, or
  • two people of the same sex who are in a civil partnership and are members of the same household.


  • Bill and Jane are a couple who have no children.
  • They live in a house where they share facilities.
  • They're entitled to one bedroom for themselves.
  • As they share facilities, we will work out benefit using the LHA shared room rate.
  • Gary and Roger are a couple.
  • They live in a self-contained flat.
  • They're entitled to one bedroom for themselves.
  • We will work out benefit using the LHA rate for one bedroom.
  • Go to our LHA and the rates we pay page for more information.

The amount of benefit you can get may be affected by:

  • any money you have coming in
  • any savings you have
  • how much your rent is
  • if we expect anyone living with you to pay towards your rent
  • if you share paying the rent with someone else who isn't your partner
  • if you're a joint tenant, a care leaver or serverely disabled (contact us for more information)


If you claim benefit you can only get it for yourself and your family. If you share a property with someone who isn't part of your family, your benefit may be reduced. This is because we may expect them to pay towards your rent.

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