Kitchen caddies and liners

Kitchen caddy

We provide free kitchen caddies to Cambridge residents for collecting food waste to put in your green bin or on your compost heap. 

Collect a kitchen caddy from:

  • Customer service centre reception (liners available separately from cashiers)
  • City Homes office (liners also available)
  • The Guildhall
  • If you are having a wheeled bin delivered to your home you can request a caddy to be delivered with it.

Caddy liners

  • Please ONLY use 100% paper caddy liners or newspaper
  • Any 100% paper caddy liners can be used e.g. EcoSack or Alina. They can be bought from the council, from online retailers or some supermarkets.
  • Compostable or biodegradable 'plastic' corn starch liners (e.g. BioBag) cannot be accepted in the green bins, even if they are EN13432 certified or display the compostable seedling logo, as they do not compost quickly enough for our fast composting process.
  • Paper caddy liners can be bought from the cashiers desk at our customer service centre and City Homes office. If you are having a wheeled bin or box delivered to your home you can pay over the phone for these and they can be delivered at the same time.
  • The liners come in packs of 50 and cost £2.80. Only one pack can be bought at a time, and we only supply liners to Cambridge residents: you may be asked for proof of your address. Our caddy size is 5 litres and the paper liners are 8 litres.

Contact us to order some liners for delivery.

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