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How the community provision review was carried out

Step 1: Initial audit

The review has taken an evidence-based and strategic approach, to look at the needs of the city holistically.

The findings are based on evidence gathered though consultation in 2016, showing how many facilities are available for community use.

In total, the review identified and mapped 107 community facilities across the city. These include council and non-council community centres, and other facilities such as church and school halls.

The voluntary sector manages the vast majority of these facilities, which the report acknowledges.

The findings from the initial audit were presented to Community Services Scrutiny Committee on 30 June 2016.

Step 2: Strategic assessment

The evidence base was used to complete a strategic assessment of community provision. This will be used to support the development of a Community Facility Strategy.

Through GIS network modelling, we mapped community facilities across the city. We added a 15-minute walk-time catchment around all dedicated community centres and facilities. We overlaid this with data that shows the needs of the community living within each centre's catchment area.

We assessed each community centre's location and the extent to which it serves a catchment of strategic importance. The centres have then been ranked to help to identify those which are:

  • Core centres - strategically important centres which will remain supported by us
  • Transitional centres - assessed as less strategically important and requiring further options appraisal
  • Independent centres - assessed as less strategically important centres for the council. Likely to already receive minimal, or no council support or core funding

We will also review whether we need to re-focus our community development activities to better meet local residents' needs.

Next steps

The recommendations in the draft strategy were considered by Community Services Scrutiny Committee in January 2017. Following that, a detailed consultation plan will be developed to seek early views on the proposals. If you would like to be sent details of the consultation please contact us.

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