Get help to avoid becoming homeless

If you are homeless or threatened with becoming homeless, contact the Housing Advice Service as soon as possible.

Helping you keep your home

  • If you're in danger of losing your home, we may be able to help you.
  • We can help if you're fleeing domestic abuse, facing possession proceedings, being evicted by a private landlord or being asked to leave by friends or relatives.
  • We can give you advice and assistance about your housing options in the city.

Call us on 01223 457918 (9am - 5pm), or drop in to the Housing Advice Service at Mandela House.

Outside of office hours (5pm - 9am, weekends and public holidays) emergency calls about homelessness should be made to 0844 335 3944

Landlord and Rent Solution Service

This service offers specialist help and advice to landlords and tenants. It aims to resolve problems that could lead to a tenancy ending. If they cannot help directly, you may be referred to other services that can. The type of help available could include problems with:

  • Housing benefit claims including applications for Discretionary Housing Payments
  • Debt problems leading to rent arrears
  • Eviction and harassment
  • Landlord responsibilities
  • Tenant responsibilities
  • Property repairs/maintenance
  • Environmental health/housing enforcement
  • Referrals to appropriate tenancy support services

Call 01480 388444 to speak to the team.

Full details are in the Landlord and Rent Solution Service leaflet [PDF, 246kB]

Making an emergency homeless application

Our leaflet explains what to expect if you're in, or are heading for a housing crisis in Cambridge: Homeless in Cambridge [PDF, 465kB].

We have a legal duty to help certain people who are homeless.

Visit the Shelter website for a full explanation of when a council has a duty to help. We'll investigate the four key areas described by Shelter to find out what duty we may owe you.

Please note that, if our duty to you involves finding you accommodation, it may be in the private sector, and may not be in Cambridge. However, we will make sure that the accommodation is suitable for your circumstances. Full details are in this leaflet: Moving into Private Rented Housing - Homeless [PDF, 0.6MB]

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