Green Dragon Bridge - footway and cycling improvements - results of recent consultation

The Green Dragon Bridge is a footbridge which connects the north and east of the city, spanning from Water Street to Stourbridge Common. The bridge has been used for decades by both cyclists and pedestrians but the narrow width of the bridge and restricted visibility on the approaches has led to some conflict between users. 

We proposed several improvements and asked local residents to tell us what they thought of our proposals by completing our online survey or by writing to us.

The consultation ran from 30 June to 27 July 2015.

Download the results: Green Dragon Bridge consultation results [PDF, 107kB]


Although 64% of respondents support the more substantial option 2 (installation of pedestrian gates) on the Water Street side of the bridge, there were about 40 comments regarding problems that could arise as a result of going ahead with this option.

Whilst other options for the arrangement of the width restrictions on the Water Street side could be considered, such as use of bollards, railings and/or markings, there was a strong argument for doing the minimum and monitoring the situation to see if this has the desired effect of encouraging cyclists not to cut the corner.

A variation of option 2 on this side could then be considered if option 1 is not enough on its own.

Option 2, to straighten the ramp on the Stourbridge Common side, was supported by 61% of respondents as opposed to 72% of those supporting Option 1 - which was the do the minimum, although a significant number of respondents answered yes to both.  

The installation of an additional pedestrian gate was considered but is not being progressed due to the significant increase in hard surfacing this would require on the common. It has therefore been agreed to progress the ‘do minimum’ option at a cost of approximately £12,000 which does not need formal committee approval.

Next steps

In accordance with Section 38 of the Commons Act we will be advertising  and formally consulting on works to the common shortly.

We will be advertising a Traffic Regulation Order for installation of double yellow lines on Water Street early in the new year.

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