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Cambridge City Council

Fair Trade resolution

We welcome the Cambridge Fairtrade Committee’s initiatives to encourage the use of fair trade goods. We note that, as a consumer and opinion leader, we should research, develop, and support a strategy to facilitate fair trade.

We therefore resolve to:

  • Promote awareness of fair trade issues and the opportunities for supporting fair trade in the area.
  • Provide educational information concerning the worldwide impact of unfair trade and the opportunities that fair trade provides to sustainable development.
  • Encourage the use of fair trade goods, for example products carrying the Fairtrade Mark and products in vending machines.
  • Request our venues to stock Fairtrade products in addition to other brands.
  • Ask officers to investigate how we could integrate fair trade considerations into our Environment Plan. This would support our corporate objective to improve the environment.
  • Ensure one of our officers liaises with the Cambridge Fairtrade Committee on implementing this resolution. There would be a report and feedback to monitor progress to Environment Committee annually.
  • Concentrate on making our employees, the public and local businesses aware of our resolution on fair trade.