Cambridge Street Aid talk

  • 13 September 2017, 1:00pm to 2:00pm at the Michaelhouse Centre on Trinity Street

Cambridge is a city of contrasts, but few are as stark as the sight of so many people begging in a place of such wealth and beauty.

There are lots of reasons why people beg. Each person will have their own story to tell, and mostly it'll be one we can sympathise with. Many of us instinctively want to give money to people we think need our help, and it feels more personal when you give to someone directly.

In the view of leading charities the evidence is clear: at best, your act of kindness will do no harm – but at worst, and all too often, help to perpetuate a miserable life which often only ends in premature death.

Are you someone who gives money on the street? Are you confused about what to do for the best? Do you know about the services provided in Cambridge for people on the street?

Cambridge Street Aid is a local fund that gives you an alternative. Every penny donated to Street Aid goes toward helping someone to get off, and stay off, the streets.

Our officers James McWilliams and Sarah Steggles will be discussing all of this, followed by a question-and-answer session.