Environmental ward walkabouts

Environmental ward walkabouts are an ‘on the ground’ project to deal with local environmental issues.

Our officers visit each ward, together with residents and local councillors, to understand first-hand the issues affecting residents.

Winter walkabouts will typically take place during January and February and summer walkabouts during July and August.

Contact us to request a walkabout in your area.

How it works on the day

  • Each walkabout should take no longer than two hours to complete
  • You can discuss any local environmental issues. Items on the agenda are likely to include dog fouling, fly-tipping, graffiti and environmental crimes.
  • At the meeting time, our officers will record any actions that need attention and report back progress through agreed channels
  • For large wards with multiple issues, walkabouts may be best split over several dates / times

There is no need to book in advance to attend the walkabouts. Contact the co-ordinator (details below) to register your interest or if you have any questions.

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