Dog Watch

Dog WatchWe recognise that most dog walkers are responsible and look after their dogs properly. Unfortunately, there are a small number of irresponsible dog owners that cause problems for everyone else.

This community scheme allows responsible dog owners to volunteer to monitor the areas were they normally walk their dog. They act as the eyes and ears of the council by reporting problem areas and dog owners.

Volunteers aren’t expected to carry out any patrols in addition to their normal routine or approach people causing problems.

Benefits of the scheme

Being involved will help to reduce the problem of irresponsible dog owners not picking up after their dogs. If you become a volunteer you will receive:

  • Updates through newsletters and on our Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Access to a scheme co-ordinator to assist with queries

Dog Watch volunteers will always:

Bag it, bin it

  • Pick up after their dog has fouled
  • Put bagged poo in a dog bin, litter bin or take it home

Think of others

  • Keep their dog in control and in sight
  • Keep dogs on a lead when appropriate
  • Stop their dog from causing a nuisance to other people including joggers, cyclists, or horse riders as well as wildlife and farm animals
  • Respect areas where restrictions are in place

Be ready to help

  • Carry extra poo bags and offer them to other dog walkers that may be caught short
  • Report dog fouling to the Council, so that it can be cleaned up and action can be taken against repeat offenders
  • Be a Cambridge Dog Watch volunteer

Take animal welfare seriously

  • Protect their dog against parasites, such as worms
  • Make sure that their dog gets enough exercise
  • Give their dogs a proper diet
  • Keep their dog groomed
  • Watch for warning signs of ill health

Become a Dog Watch volunteer

The success of the scheme relies on local people. If you are interested in joining please either email or contact the scheme co-ordinator Rina Dunning on 01223 458084.

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