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Cambridge City Council

Council services

Our officers work in groups, each of which consists of multiple teams with specific responsibilities. Each group is managed by a member of the leadership team.

City Services group

The City Services group is led by the Director of City Services.

The group includes our street cleaning and grounds maintenance teams, as well as our bereavement services and the teams that manage our housing estates, car parks and offices buildings.

The group also plays a critical role in maintaining and improving biodiversity and recreational resources around the city. It works closely with the Greater Cambridge Shared Waste service.

Communities group

The Communities group is led by the Director of Communities.

The group includes teams and services that directly support residents to live better lives, including those with more complex needs. It manages our housing stock and tenancies, and leads our work to develop local communities, reduce homelessness and rough sleeping, and to support refugees and asylum seekers.

Other teams in the group manage premises and taxi licensing, promote better environmental health, and support community safety and healthy lifestyles.

Corporate group

The Corporate group is led by the Chief Operating Officer.

Teams in the group work to enable consistency and high standards across the council, and ensure it is fit for purpose to achieve its goals and adapt to changing circumstances and emergencies.

Other teams promote resilience and staff wellbeing, support colleagues to innovate and improve, and ensure scarce resources are deployed to achieve value for money. The group also oversees our shared services governance and performance management.

Chief Executive Office

The Chief Executive Office is led by the Chief Executive.

The group includes teams that support councillors, govern the democratic process and manage elections. 

The Policy and Partnership Unit co-ordinates and develops key cross-cutting council strategies and supports colleagues across the council to develop policies and collaborative approaches.

Place group

The Place group is led by the Assets and Property Assistant Director.

The group brings together leadership and management of our corporate estate and property investments, and is responsible for delivering new council and affordable homes and regenerating housing estates.

The group is also responsible for the Cambridgeshire Home Improvement Agency, a shared service with other local councils that supports elderly, disabled and vulnerable residents.

Service related queries

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