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Coronavirus: Updates and information

Find out about available support, how to offer help, and how to look after your wellbeing. Our customer service centre is open to help you by email and phone. Please continue to follow official NHS and government advice.

Coronavirus: Information for businesses

Read the government’s Covid-19 support for businesses for information about what measures are in place to help you during the coronavirus pandemic.

See also their coronavirus financial support for businesses guidance – you can also call their helpline on 0300 456 3565.

For more general information, keep checking the government’s main coronavirus advice and the NHS’s coronavirus guidance.

Reopening businesses

Check the government’s guidance on reopening businesses and venues.

Before opening, you should complete a risk assessment in consultation with a trade union. Do not open if you are not confident that you can manage the risks.

You must follow the government’s business support guidance to keep your staff and customers as safe as possible.

You must limit the number of customers allowed inside at one time, and frequently clean objects and surfaces. And you must place protective coverings on any large items that customers might touch.

You should display a notice in your shop window to show that you have followed the guidance.

If you are a visitor or you work in the city centre, read our page about visiting the city centre.

Enforcement of closures

The remaining business closures are enforceable by law, due to the threat to public health. We will check and enforce compliance, with police support if needed. Any business operating in contravention of the regulations will be committing an offence.

Contact us at if you have any questions.

Reopening licensed premises

When reopening your licensed premises, consider the following:

  • Ensure you have a robust arrangement for queuing customers outside your venue. Provide notices, floor markings and barriers along queue lines where necessary, and have staff watch the queue.
  • If you play music in your venue, keep it at a background level only. If people need to raise their voice over the music, it is too loud.
  • If you show televised sport, include in your risk assessment how you will mitigate the risks and what safety measures you will install. The government discourages showing televised sport because of the increased risk of disease transmission.
  • Check outside spaces often, including smoking areas. Be alert for customers pushing tables together.
  • If you have a Cambac radio, please communicate with each other as well as with CCTV and the police. Let each other know when you are closing, so others can prepare for a potential increase in custom.

Remember to record each customer's name and phone number, the date and time of their visit, and their departure time if possible. You can record only the 'lead member' of a group and the number of people with them. You can refuse entry to people who will not give their details, as long as it is not seen as discriminatory.

We intend to have officers supporting the police response on weekends. We will also make spot-check visits and respond to complaints during the day.

If you have any questions, direct them to:

Financial support for businesses

The government is providing additional small business grant funding to help us support small businesses. It has also announced specific measures for retail, leisure and hospitality businesses.

Discretionary grant fund

For businesses outside the scope of the small business grant scheme, the government has introduced a new Local Authority Discretionary Grant Fund for small businesses, market traders, bed and breakfasts, and charities. Applications to the discretionary grant fund are now being invited.

Managing water systems to minimise the risk of Legionnaires’ disease

Bacteria that can cause Legionnaires' disease can form in unused water systems. If your business closed during the lockdown, you should make sure your water system is safe and ready to use.

Public Health England have produced guidance to help you. It highlights the main risks and explains your legal requirements.

Market traders

Following national guidance, the market remains open until further notice.

We have introduced a rent-free period for traders who need to self-isolate, for the duration of self-isolation. This will be backdated to the start date of the isolation if necessary.

We’ll give market traders a rent-free period of up to three months, with immediate effect, if they are not eligible for government support. For those who are eligible for government support, we’ll work with them through an initial rent holiday period to ensure they can access the support they need to cover their costs.

We’ll waive the normal four-week notice period for any traders who want to end their lease.

Commercial property tenants

We’ll help tenants our commercial properties access government support schemes, and we’ll suspend any rent arrears action for three months.

We’ll discuss with individual businesses the possibility of shorter notice periods for termination, lease surrenders, and negotiations on space reductions.


My Local Economy

The My Local Economy briefings contain information about the impact of Covid-19 on businesses and the economy in Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire. They are compiled from information from a range of national and local news, data and analysis.

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