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Check the latest coronavirus information, including what support is available and how it has affected our services
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Coronavirus: Information for businesses

Last updated: 2 March 2021.

Following the government’s announcement on 22 February, the country remains in the third national lockdown.

The City Council distributes government-funded grants for businesses in the city of Cambridge that are struggling during the pandemic. There are two types of grant:

  • LRSG (Closed) grants for rate-paying businesses required to close during lockdowns; and
  • Additional Business Support (ABS) grants for businesses that do not qualify for an LRSG grant.

Please note:

  • We have already made grant payments to businesses for the first six weeks of the third national lockdown (from 5 January to 15 February 2021).
  • Businesses located outside Cambridge (for example, in South Cambridgeshire) should contact their district council for grants.
  • If you are self-employed, find out more claiming via the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme.

More details coming soon.

We are making arrangements for paying a second grant cycle for the third national lockdown of Covid-19 business support grants. This will cover 16 February to 31 March 2021. There is no need for businesses that have been receiving grants since last November to reapply.

In response to feedback from the local taxi-driving community, we are reviewing grants for licensed taxi drivers in Cambridge.

Look out for more updates on this web page soon.

Additional Business Support Grants

Our Additional Business Support Grant (ABS) scheme is for:

  • non-business rate-payers renting premises in Cambridge that are required to close;
  • businesses run from commercial premises in Cambridge that are severely impacted;
  • businesses run from homes in the city for which the applicant is the Council Tax payer; and
  • market and street traders

Business must have already been trading and engaged in business activity on 4 January 2021.

Businesses allowed to operate during the third national lockdown but still severely impacted now only need to demonstrate a 30% impact on their business (based on reduced income and increased costs).

Businesses that are part of a wider group of companies can also now apply, as long as they are not in common ownership with another company. A business that is a subsidiary of another company will need to demonstrate that it is financially independent of its parent company.

Apply for an ABS grant

Businesses that have already qualified for ABS grants since the second national lockdown last November do not need to reapply.

Any business in Cambridge seeking an ABS grant for the first time from the start of the third national lockdown in January can apply for an Additional Business Support grant now.

LRSG (Closed) grants

This government scheme is for businesses in premises in Cambridge with a rateable value that are required to close during lockdowns (for example, businesses in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors).

Rate-paying businesses that have already qualified for an LRSG (Closed) grant for the second national lockdown in November 2020 do not need to reapply.

Businesses seeking a grant from the Tier 4 restrictions after Christmas 2020 or from the start of the third national lockdown in January can apply for an LRSG grant now.

Any rate-paying business in Cambridge that was required to close during the second national lockdown in November, but which has not yet applied, can still do so.

Keep your workplace clean

If your business is allowed to remain open during the national lockdown, make sure to follow the government’s guidance on cleaning your workplace.

You must keep all surfaces that your staff or customers touch clean. You should assume that all surfaces in the workplace or visited by the public are contaminated with coronavirus.

Use disposable cloths, or paper roll and disposable mop heads to clean all hard surfaces. Use detergent or disinfectant, wipe in one direction only, and dispose of the materials correctly. Steam clean material surfaces if detergent or laundry is not effective.

Health and safety advice for employees

You have the right to be safe at work, wherever you work and whatever you do. The coronavirus pandemic has made this even more important.

Make sure you know your rights about health and safety at work, and what to do if you experience a problem.

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