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Cambridge City Council

Coronavirus information for businesses

This page is about keeping your customers and employees safe. See also our financial support for businesses page.

We update these pages as quickly as we can whenever the coronavirus situation changes. We receive information at the same time as it made available to the public, so it can take time to make sure what we publish is accurate.

Workplace outbreaks

If you have three or more confirmed cases of coronavirus within a 14-day period, or several employees have symptoms at the same time, you should report the outbreak to us.

Tell us how many people are suspected to have the virus, when the symptoms started, and what actions you have taken so far.

We have seen a drop in confirmed coronavirus cases in the last weeks, but we encourage you to support efforts to lower the risk of transmission, keep our communities safe, and protect your employees and customers.

  • review the staff who work on site – do they all need to be there, and what can you do to help more of them to work effectively from home?
  • encourage staff to get their vaccinations and boosters, including seasonal flu vaccinations
  • allow staff to wear face masks at work if they wish to, especially when they are working in an enclosed environment with other colleagues
  • encourage staff to take lateral flow tests (LFTs) twice every week, and allow them to isolate if they need to
  • introduce infection-control measures including good hygiene practices – check the government’s coronavirus advice for workplaces
  • keep work areas well ventilated, including shared vehicles – use the government’s workplace ventilation self-assessment tool
  • reinforce to staff that their behaviour outside work has an effect on how your business can continue to run

We encourage you to adopt the following measures if you will be holding work events at your workplace:

  • set up the event to enable social distancing
  • allow attendees to wear face masks if they want to indoors and in crowded areas outside, including in shared vehicles
  • ask people not to attend if they have any coronavirus symptoms
  • keep popular or busy areas clean with frequent cleanings, and provide easy access to hand sanitiser
  • implement and stick to arrangements to keep food and drink safe from contamination
  • display prominent posters reminding attendees to stay safe, follow the guidelines and use common sense


If your employees test positive for coronavirus you are no longer required to tell them to stay at home if you can and avoid contact with other people.

You should use personal judgement on whether it is safe to allow positive cases to come into work and whether it is necessary for them to come in.

Read our coronavirus health and safety advice for employees and the government’s guidance: