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Coronavirus: Financial support for businesses

Last updated: 13 January 2022.

This the latest information available about the further coronavirus business support grants that are coming soon. We are updating this webpage at least weekly and whenever there is more news. Please look out for further updates of this webpage.

To help our business grants team to focus on the arrangements for the new grant schemes, please check whether your questions are answered on this page before contacting us with any enquiries.

See also our coronavirus information for businesses for guidance on how to keep your customers and employees safe.

If your business is based outside Cambridge, contact your district council. For example:

Additional grants coming soon

The government announced just before Christmas that some additional financial support would be available to businesses most impacted by the Omicron variant. Although some information has since become available from central government, more details are still awaited.

These schemes are not yet open to applications. Find out what businesses can do to prepare to apply for a coronavirus business grant.

There will be two main forms of grant:

Limited availability

Under the eligibility criteria of the latest national scheme, many business-rate-paying businesses that previously qualified for a national LRSG or Restart Grant (such as retail shops) will not be eligible under the OHLG scheme. Some types of businesses within the hospitality, accommodation and leisure sectors are also excluded from the OHLG scheme.

Central government is providing around £215,000 for the local scheme, for us to distribute to businesses in Cambridge that have been impacted by the Omicron variant.

This means that the demand for the local grants is likely to exceed significantly the grant funding available. This will be reflected in the applicant categories, eligibility criteria and grant amounts payable under the ABSG Phase 9 scheme.

Other financial support

Cambridge Green Business Grants

If your business is in commercial premises in the city, which are registered for business rates, apply now for a Cambridge Green Business Grant scheme to cut carbon emissions, save money and improve productivity.

This could be for improvements to the energy efficiency of your premises or, for example, to purchase electric bikes for business use which would reduce your company’s reliance on fossil-fuel run vehicles.

Covid-19 Additional Rate Relief

There will also be local support for business rate-payers not previously eligible for Extended Rate Relief under the Covid-19 Additional Relief Fund (CARF).