Arranging a burial and buying a grave

Arranging a burial

Burials can take place on any weekday:

  • Monday to Friday (except bank holidays) between 9am and 2.30pm (in winter) or 3pm (in summer).

Alternative arrangements can be made to meet individual cultural needs. Please talk to your funeral director or contact our Bereavement Services team (details below) to discuss any specific needs.

To assist families make the right choice at such a difficult time, we have produced a Guide to Burial [PDF, 110kB] booklet.

Buying a grave

Normally, your funeral director will help to make the arrangements for buying a grave or you can make your own arrangements with our Bereavement Services team (details below).

  • Graves can be viewed before a funeral service, ask our team for more details.
  • Anyone can purchase a grave in the city's cemeteries, although people who don't live in the city will have to pay an extra fee.
  • You buy the 'Exclusive Right of Burial' for the grave, not the land - and in the cemetaries we manage, this is for 50 years.

New graves

Huntingdon Road Cemetery has plenty of land available for new graves.

Histon Road Cemetery and Cambridge City Cemetery no longer have new graves available.  
(Except for plots where exclusive 'Rights of Burial' still exist and for the interment (placement) of cremated remains in existing family graves).

Please note, burial of cremated remains is available in existing graves only.

Types of grave available to buy

Traditional grave spaces
These allow the owner of the grave to put a full headstone and kerb surround on the grave after burial.

Lawn-type graves
After the burial, the grave is levelled and grassed over. A headstone can be placed with a matching vase plate for flowers or wreaths, if desired. 

  • We maintain these areas, at no expense to the grave owner.  
  • These graves can't be planted or have kerbing.


To discuss a buying a grave, arranging a burial or for more information, contact our Bereavement Services team (details at the end of this page).

'Purchased graves'

  • In the cemeteries we manage, the 'Exclusive Right of Burial' is sold for 50 years in what are known as 'purchased graves'. Rights may be renewed at the end of this period.
  • The owner of the 'Right of Burial' can decide who is buried in the grave and which memorials are allowed (in line with our cemetery regulations).

'Unpurchased graves' (public or common graves)

An un-purchased grave, sometimes known as a public or common grave, is where the Right to Burial can't be bought and the council has total control of the grave. The council will decide who will be buried in the grave, which may not be a member of the same family.

These graves can't have headstones or memorials. 


If you're having a headstone at a Cambridge cemetery, you'll have to wait nine months before placing it to allow the soil on the grave to settle and stabilise.

We recommend you contact a monumental mason as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary delay after the nine month waiting period.

Memorial options

Memorials can offer a lasting symbol of remembrance, find out more about the options we offer in our choose a memorial section.

Consecrated ground

None of the cemeteries have any consecrated areas.

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