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Cambridge City Council

Logan's Meadow bee and wasp breeding site consultation

We plan to create a ‘bee bank’ at Logan’s Meadow local nature reserve, to provide a breeding site for bees and wasps.

The aim is to attract a range of non-aggressive, solitary bees and wasps, which are important pollinators. We can increase their number by providing suitable nesting conditions.

We have identified 3 possible locations for the bee bank and want to hear which you think is most suitable. All 3 sites are away from paths and face southeast, which the insects need. They are currently overgrown with dock or nettle, so the land is not used for anything else.

Let us know what you think about the location and proposed design. Complete our short survey by 2 August.

Contact us at or 01223 457000 if you have any questions about the consultation or our parks and open spaces.

If your feedback supports the proposal, we’ll start installing the bee bank in the autumn of 2020.