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Cambridge City Council

East Barnwell Conversation - Framework For Change consultation

Consultation open from 30 October to 14 December 2020.

Introduction and background

Cambridge City Council wants to hear from you about the future development of East Barnwell.

In February and March 2020, the Council launched the East Barnwell Conversation, an open discussion with community groups and individuals across Abbey Ward to find out the views of residents on the future development of the area.

The Council is working with Abbey People to ensure that as many members of the community can be engaged with the project as possible.

We received hundreds of comments in the first stage of the East Barnwell Conversation. Based on residents’ feedback the Council has published a draft masterplan for the area, discussing some of the options for developing future housing, community and business facilities in the ward.

Consultation information

This plan, which is a draft, discusses the challenges and needs of the East Barnwell community in the context of new development. We need to know what you think and if there is anything else you believe we need to address in the final report.

The Council is asking residents to answer a few questions about the developing plans for East Barnwell. Public views on this next stage will impact how the detailed plans for individual sites are developed.

Frequently asked questions

Is my neighbourhood being redeveloped?

The council regularly reviews the condition of its housing stock across the city to weigh the costs of maintaining what are, in some cases, ageing buildings against the costs of redevelopment. No detailed plans have yet been brought forward to rebuild any areas of housing in East Barnwell.

As part of this project, the Council will be drawing up detailed options for building new housing in a number of different sites in the East Barnwell area. Some of these are highlighted in the Framework for Change report. Comments on this interim report are invited. If any individual development is brought forward, there will be a public consultation on the detailed plans and the proposals will need to be approved in a public committee meeting. If the Council brings forward any proposals for development where you live, you will be contacted directly to comment on the plans.

Will the shops in Barnwell be closed?

If and when detailed proposals for rebuilding the local centre in Barnwell are brought forward, they will include new improved commercial facilities. The Council will discuss the needs of individual businesses with them directly when there are detailed plans available. The intention of any regeneration in the East Barnwell area is to enhance the local centre, not undermine existing businesses in the area

What will happen to the library/community centre/church?

Popular local facilities like Barnwell Library, the Community Centre, and the Church of Christ the Redeemer all fall within the area which is proposed for the regeneration of the local centre.

These facilities are all owned by organisations outside the City Council, and those owners will make their own decisions as to whether they choose to work with the Council in the redevelopment of the area.

Cambridgeshire County Council is continuing to deliver a new community centre on their site. In the event that any other landowners choose to work with the City Council, the community facilities will be provided as part of any new development

What will happen to the bowls club?

The Abbey Bowls club, like the other areas highlighted, is being considered for redevelopment but no detailed plans have yet been brought forward As with the other facilities discussed in the Framework for Change, the bowls club will be provided with a new facility in the area if plans to develop its current site are brought forward. Consultation will take place with the bowls club itself and neighbouring residents when detailed plans are available.

What are you doing about the traffic on Newmarket Road?

The City Council will be sharing any plans to develop East Barnwell with partner organisations in the County Council and the Greater Cambridge Partnership.

The GCP has begun a consultation this year on the “Cambridge Eastern Access” project, which aims to improve transport to the east of the city.

Five options for public transport, walking and cycling are outlined in the consultation including two options for Newmarket Road.

If you would like to find out more about the options, please visit The consultation runs until midday on Friday 18 December 2020.

We will be working with the GCP to ensure that any regeneration proposals are integrated with their plans for road changes and improvements

What is happening to Abbey Pool?

The proposals in the Framework for Change include the expansion of recreational facilities at Abbey Leisure Complex. This may include new facilities on the area of Coldham’s Common immediately adjacent to the Pool. At the moment, detailed plans for this expansion are being drawn up and residents and pool users will be asked for their feedback on the plans when these are available.


Due to the ongoing risks around Covid-19 we will not be carrying out drop-in meetings in support of this phase of the East Barnwell Conversation.

Your comments

Please complete the online survey

You can also email us with your comments at

If you cannot view the draft masterplan online, you can find a hard copy and response forms at:

  • The Food Hub, Barnwell Baptist Church, Howard Road, CB5 8QS
  • The Hub, Barnwell Road, Cambridge CB5 8RG