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Consultation on the impacts of changes to our Comprehensive Equalities and Diversity Policy

Open from 18 October to 16 November 2018.

We are consulting local people on what impact recent changes to our Comprehensive Equalities and Diversity Policy may have on people in Cambridge.

The policy sets out our commitment to promoting equality and diversity, including through our role as an employer and a provider of services to the public. A revised and updated version of the policy was approved by the Environment and Community Scrutiny Committee on 4 October 2018. Follow the link to see the papers for this meeting, including the revised policy and a report explaining the changes to the policy.

Following independent legal advice, we have now made changes to the policy to ensure that it is consistent with the Equality Act 2010. In the revised policy, we have replaced the term ‘gender’ with the term ‘sex’, and we have replaced the term ‘transgender’ with ‘the protected characteristic of gender reassignment’.

We have included the following commitment in the revised policy:

“We will recognise and treat people with the protected characteristic of gender reassignment according to the gender in which they present unless it is necessary, in exceptional circumstances, to use the services and employment exceptions as a proportionate means to achieve a legitimate aim in line with the Equality Act 2010.”

(This wording is slightly different from that proposed in the committee report - it is this version, referring to exceptions rather than exemptions, which is consistent with the legislation).

The commitment above replaces the following two commitments contained in the previous policy:

  • “We will not exclude transgender people from positions which require a gender-appropriate candidate”
  • “Transgender people will not be excluded from gender-appropriate single sex/ sex segregated facilities operated by the council”

We would like to hear your views on how these changes will impact on people who live, work or visit Cambridge.

To take part in this consultation, complete the questionnaire by 16 November 2018:

Consultation on the impacts of changes to our Comprehensive Equalities and Diversity Policy

If you have any questions about the policy or consultation, contact our Strategy and Partnerships team at or 01223 457046.

The results of this consultation will help inform how we implement the policy going forward.

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