Community, Arts and Recreation Development Grants consultation

Consultation runs from

27 January 2014, 12:00am to 25 April 2014, 10:59pm

Introduction and background

This consultation paper sets out our future proposals for Community, Arts and Recreation Development Grants. It seeks your views on our proposals for new grants priorities and options for reducing the existing £1.1m budget that, if approved, would be implemented from 2015/16.

During the consultation period we hope as many voluntary groups and individual residents will use this opportunity to send us their views about our proposals.

Cambridge City Council’s grant from Government has reduced by 35% in the last four years. Demand for many of our services has increased as the city grows and other local public sector organisations cut back their services. Whilst we have worked hard to find and deliver efficiencies and savings across our services for a number of years, we still need to find further savings amounting to £4.5m over the next four years.

The council provides some services that are ‘statutory’ (such as refuse collection, street cleaning, development control and environmental health). We have to provide these services to certain standards set by government. We have some choice over how we provide these services and we can choose to deliver them to the statutory minimum standards or to a higher standard.

The council also provides some services that are ‘discretionary’ (such as running events, the Corn Exchange, sports facilities, managing our parks, community centres, children’s play and providing voluntary sector grants).

While we are working hard to ensure our statutory services are as efficient as possible, it is inevitable that a large proportion of the savings we have to make will need to come from our discretionary services which include voluntary sector grants.

Consultation information

The following questionnaire asks for your views on proposals for new grants priorities and which would be used to assess grant applications for funding from 2015/16.

We would be very grateful if you would spend 10 minutes giving us your views by completing our questionnaire:


If you have any questions about this consultation, contact Community Development team at or 01223 457968.

Post any correspondence to Community Development team, Cambridge City Council, PO Box 700, Cambridge CB1 0JH.

Next steps

We plan to report the findings from this consultation to councillors at our Community Services Scrutiny Committee on 10 July 2014 along with recommendations about future priorities and future funding for voluntary sector grants that support Community, Arts and Recreation Development activities.