Alexandra Gardens outdoor gym consultation

Consultation runs from

27 October 2014, 12:00am to 28 November 2014, 11:59pm

Introduction and background

We are proposing to install new outdoor gym equipment at Alexandra Gardens, and would like to know what you think about the proposals.

The proposed equipment consists of three, five or seven ‘training buddies’. The items will have no moving parts to reduce the need for ongoing maintenance, and will be set into grass.

The potential locations are either for clusters of equipment or for a trail option. Each option differs in the visibility, ease of access and proximity to other features in the park.

Consultation information

Complete our short online survey to tell us what you think of the proposals and which option you prefer:


If you have any questions about this consultation, contact Asset Management team at or 01223 458520.

Post any correspondence to Asset Management team, Cambridge City Council, PO Box 700, Cambridge CB1 0JH.

Next steps

Further consultation will be conducted following the completion of the survey if required.