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Cambridge City Council

Considerate Contractor Scheme code of practice

The Considerate Contractor Scheme code of practice ensures that construction and routine maintenance activities in the city area progress without making life unpleasant for people who live and work nearby.

As a scheme member you should be:

  • Considerate – All activities are to be carried out with due consideration for residents, workers, pedestrians, visitors, neighbouring occupiers, businesses and highway users at times and in a manner that will minimise disturbance. Special attention is to be shown to the needs of those who have difficulties with sight, hearing or mobility, those in wheelchairs, or pushing prams and pushchairs.
  • Quiet – Noise from works, machinery, workers, radios, music, vehicles and all other sources is to be kept to a minimum. For site specific projects and activities there are to be no works that are audible at the site boundary outside permitted hours of work, unless prior agreement has been reached with us.
  • Clean – Footways, carriageways, public areas adjacent to the site, as well as all visible aspects of site activities such as hoardings, scaffolding and warning lights, are to be kept clean and in good order. Dust and smoke are to be kept to a minimum. Mud and spillage are to be cleaned off pavements, roads and public areas immediately.
  • Responsible – The contractor is to ensure that all employees, agents, sub-contractors, suppliers, drivers and others working on or near the project or activity maintain all aspects of the code of good practice.
  • Tidy – Pride in the condition and appearance of the project or activity, adjacent highways and public areas is to be shown in every way, including the tidiness of temporary structures, materials, machinery and the constant removal of litter and rubbish.
  • Safe – Projects, activities and vehicle movements are to be carried out with utmost care for safety of passers-by, adjacent neighbours and for workers. All plant and machinery items are to be maintained in safe working order and the safety of structures is to be checked frequently.
  • Accountable – A contact board is to be clearly displayed by the project or activity giving names and telephone numbers of staff who can be contacted promptly and take immediate action in response to issues raised by residents, businesses and others.