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Changes to S106 funding

Last updated: 16 September 2020

Significant changes to S106 funding came into effect with the introduction of new regulations in April 2015. The emphasis is now on agreeing specific contributions for particular purposes at the time that planning permission is granted.

Although ‘pooling constraints’ (no more than five agreed contributions for any project) were lifted in September 2019), the focus on specific contributions continues for councils (like Cambridge City Council) that do not have a community infrastructure levy.

See our overview of S106 funding (March 2020) [PDF, 0.1MB]. It summarises the ‘target lists’ used by the Council since 2016 as a starting point for negotiating specific S106 contributions.

The latest update on specific S106 contributions agreed by the Council since 2015 can be found in the March 2019 S106 report for Communities [PDF, 0.2MB] and the March 2019 S106 report for Streets and Open Spaces [PDF, 0.2MB]. The recommendations in these reports were approved.

More details about how the original ‘target lists’ were developed in 2016 can be found in the March 2016 S106 report [PDF, 72Kb] (for play areas and open spaces) and the June 2016 S106 report [PDF, 0.1MB] (for community facilities and sports facilities).