Changes to bin collections in February 2017

New bin collection rounds that will work in Cambridge and across south Cambridgeshire began on 27 February 2017.

It is likely that your bin collection day has changed, possibly along with the sequence (black bin or blue and green bins) in which your bins are emptied.

Even if your bin day or sequence has not changed, your bins may be collected earlier or later than you were used to, so please ensure you put your bins out by 7am to avoid missing your collection.

This change is the result of us creating a shared waste collection service with South Cambridgeshire District Council last year, with the aim of saving £700,000 over three years.

You can find out your new collection arrangements on our bin day postcode search. Please note that at present this only includes information for properties which have to put their bins out for collection. It does not include collection days for flats with bin stores which the bin crews access directly.

If you have a gap of 3 weeks or more between collections of any of your bins and have extra waste, please consider whether you can take recyclables to a recycling point or refuse and garden waste to a recycling centre (near Milton or Thriplow). If this is not possible and you are unable to wait for your next collection, please contact us on or 01223 458282.

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