Cambridge Resolution Challenge

Cambridge Resolution Challenge

Walk, jog or run your way to a fitter 2018!

  • Sign up in January – pay just £5 online to enter
  • Set your 2018 physical activity goal – what do you want to achieve by the end of March?
  • Inspire a friend to join you
  • Get support along the way from our Active Lifestyles team
  • Achieve your fitness resolution – get sent your bespoke medal at the beginning of April
  • Show off your medal to your friends and family!

You can sign up at any time in January. It takes about 10 minutes to complete the registration form, this includes setting your goal, so grab yourself a cup of tea and get started. Once you have completed this you will receive a confirmation email with a link to submit payment.

Register now

Once you've completed your online registration form, we'll get back to you within five working days to confirm your goal. If it doesn’t meet the SMART criteria listed below, we will advise you on how to adapt it.

After that, you have until the end of March to achieve your goal. You set your own targets, so it is personalised to you, your current health and fitness levels.

We will send you useful guidance and support throughout the challenge by email.

All contact about the challenge will come from

What next?

When you have reached your goal, send us the evidence before 6 April.

Email us a photo or screenshot of your progress, and we'll send you a medal.

After that, continue being active – and maybe set yourself a new challenge!

Set your goal

You should set yourself a physical activity goal that is challenging yet achievable. Think about the physical activity you currently do, if any. How would you like to change this?

Make your goals SMART:

Goal setting

  • Specific – Your goal should be well defined and clear
  • Measurable – What will success look like? How will you know when you have achieved your goal?
  • Attainable – Think about how much time you can dedicate to your physical activity goal each week. Consider your current fitness levels – is your goal attainable in the time available?
  • Relevant - Do you actually want to achieve it? Think about why you want to reach your goal? For example it might be to lose weight, or to decrease your risk of developing certain medical conditions
  • Time bound – Look at setting yourself a goal that you can work towards over 8 to 12 weeks. Remember, all evidence must be submitted by 6 April in order to receive your medal

Example goals

  • Kevin’s goal: I want to walk three times a week at a brisk pace for longer than 10 minutes at a time.
  • Gemma’s goal: I want to complete a 5k parkrun race at the start of March without walking. I will train with my friend once a week to ensure I can run the whole 5k without stopping.
  • Nadia’s goal: I want to complete the NHS couch to 5k programme, building up to jogging for 30 minutes continuously. I will stick to the programme, going out to run three times every week.

Measure your progress

There are many free physical activity tracker apps that you can download and use to track your progress. Some examples include:


Running or walking:

This is not an exhaustive list – it really depends on your goal.

You could also use wearable technology, such as a Fitbit tracker.

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