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Coronavirus: Updates and information

We are adapting our services as the situation changes. For details and to find out how to get help or volunteer to help others, visit our 'Coronavirus: Help for communities' page. Please follow the official NHS and government advice.

Greater Cambridge Shared Planning - message to our customers in the context of Coronavirus

We have adapted some of our services in light of government advice with regards to social distancing. Click the link above for full information.

Brownfield land register

Brownfield land is land that is or has been built on. The law requires us to compile and maintain a register of all brownfield land in Cambridge.

The register lists details of sites that we consider to be appropriate for future residential development. It allows potential developers to easily identify what land in the city is ready for development.

Updated brownfield land register lists will be available soon.

In accordance with the law, brownfield sites in Cambridge meet the following criteria:

  • land with an area of at least 0.25 hectares or is capable of supporting at least five dwellings
  • land that is suitable for residential development
  • land that is available for residential development
  • residential development of the land is achievable

The law requires the register to be kept in two parts and be updated at least once a year. Part 1 of the register includes all brownfield sites that we have assessed as appropriate for residential development. Part 2 is a subset of part 1. It includes only sites on which we have decided it would be suitable in principle to allow residential development.

The register does not include sites with planning permission that were under construction at the time of publication. We will soon adopt our new Local Plan, so our register does not currently list any sites in part 2.

Find out more about the register in the government's Planning Practice Guidance.

Brownfield sites