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Book a rapid coronavirus test

NHS Test and Trace is offering rapid coronavirus tests to people who are aged 18 or older, and who are key workers or can not work at home.

In Cambridge, tests are available at the Meadows Community Centre on St Catherine’s Road. Further sites will be announced soon.

You must book your test in advance, and should only do so if you have no symptoms of coronavirus. Do not go to the test centre without an appointment.

Results can take up to 24 hours, but are often ready within an hour.

If you test positive, you and your contacts can then self-isolate. This will help reduce the local reproduction number (R) and save lives.

You can book more than one test at a time, and we encourage you to do so. Each test only provides information about the likelihood that you have coronavirus at that time.

Visit the county council’s rapid community testing webpage to find out more about the tests and how to book yours. The government’s understanding testing for people without symptoms webpage explains more about how the tests work.

If you are not eligible for a rapid test, you can still book a coronavirus test at the test site near the Abbey Leisure Complex.