Avoid the queue with pre-paid tickets

By paying for your ticket when you park, you can avoid any queues when you return to your vehicle.

This facility is available at the following car parks:

Instructions for pre-payment at car parks

(except Grand Arcade, see below)

  1. At the pay machine, press the pre-payment button
  2. Insert your ticket
  3. Select exact time
  4. Pay when the correct length of stay has been selected

Instructions for pre-payment at Grand Arcade only

  1. Insert ticket (1 hour fee will be displayed)
  2. Press Product selection - the pre-payment options will be displayed as "up to" a specified number of hours.
  3. Scroll down the list using the Next button, number of hours ranges from 2 - 9.
  4. Press Confirm
  5. The fee to be paid will be displayed.

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