Avoid the queue with pre-paid tickets

By paying for your ticket when you park, you can avoid any queues when you return to your vehicle.

This facility is available at the following car parks:

Instructions for pre-payment at car parks

(except Grand Arcade, see below)

  1. At the pay machine, press the pre-payment button
  2. Insert your ticket
  3. Select exact time
  4. Pay when the correct length of stay has been selected

Instructions for pre-payment at Grand Arcade only

Please note this facility is not compatible with the three hour Blue Badge discount.  Full payment will need to be made if you wish to use this function

  1. Insert ticket (1 hour fee will be displayed)
  2. Press Product selection - the pre-payment options will be displayed as "up to" a specified number of hours.
  3. Scroll down the list using the Next button, number of hours ranges from 2 - 9.
  4. Press Confirm
  5. The fee to be paid will be displayed.

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