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Annual monitoring reports

We produce an annual monitoring report, also known as an authority monitoring report,  every year. It contains information about the city and how it is changing each year, in relation to planning policies used to determine planning applications.

More specifically, the report contains information on:

  • a 'spatial portrait' and contextual indicators - these give a flavour of the city in terms of its population, setting, economic position, housing, greenspace, and so on
  • progress on developing the Local Development Scheme, which will replace the Local Plan in shaping development in the city. This is measured against the timetable set out in the Local Development Scheme
  • the use and review of planning policies in the 2006 Cambridge Local Plan
    a housing trajectory showing housing completions each year and what we expect completions to be in the following years to 2031
  • how we expect monitoring and the report to develop over time to provide better information on the effects of planning policies.

Download the latest report: Annual Monitoring Report 2018 [PDF, 2MB]

You can also purchase a copy of the report for £5 plus postage and packaging. Contact the Planning Policy team for details.

Previous reports

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