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Cambridge edible growing spaces

If you are on the waiting list for an allotment, would you be interested in gardening or designing a public space full of edible plants? Are you interested in transforming unused spaces in your neighbourhood into inspiring growing spaces? Do you know of a public space that could do with care or with herbs, fruit bushes, or vegetables?

Transition Cambridge's Growing Spaces project is looking for participants in order to see how many new spaces to take on. Contact the project if you are interested.

Potential manure contamination

There have been reports of horse manure contaminated with a weedkiller called aminopyralid that can cause entire crops to be lost.

What you need to do:

  1. For all new manure supplies, insist on firm assurances that the manure has not come from animals fed with grass, forage or straw that has been treated with persistent hormonal weedkillers, including products such as Forefront.
  2. If you have contaminated manure, ask your supplier to cease distributing to others until they can guarantee that it is not contaminated.
  3. If you have manure that you have not yet used, test it before spreading it.

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