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Advice for Gypsies and Travellers

There are currently no authorised pitches in Cambridg. Our most recent Gypsy and Traveller accommodation assessment identified no current need for pitches within the city itself, but we will keep this under review.

Local authority sites

You can apply to go on the waiting list on any of the local authority sites in Cambridgeshire:

Unfortunately there are limited places and usually a long waiting list.


For free advice about housing, contact our Housing Advice Team.

Unauthorised encampments

If you set up an unauthorised encampment, whom you meet will depend on the type of land you are on.

If you are on privately owned land then it could be the landowner who first visits you, however, if the landowner reports trespass to the police, it might be the police you first meet.

If we are the landowner, a council officer will visit you, or the Cambridgeshire Traveller Liaison Officer, or both. You will be asked questions about your situation, your health and welfare, and if you need any other support.

Unless anyone in your group has specific needs, we may take legal action. We will also, usually, leave you rubbish sacks and arrange to collect them.

If the landowner is Cambridgeshire County Council, or your camp is on a right of way or a highway, the Cambridgeshire Traveller Liaison Officer will visit you along with the appropriate county council officer.

Legal action

Legal action will most likely result in a civil court order for possession, which will be posted at the site and enforcement will follow. If private landowners act under common law, eviction can be very swift and bailiffs can be present within hours.

While trespass is a civil offence, if the group's behaviour goes against the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, or if there is evidence of criminal activity, Cambridgeshire police can take action.

Further advice

For further advice you can also contact: