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About ChYpPS

ChYpPS, our Children and Young People's Participation Service, works with children and young people of all ages across the city. It organises activities in local neighbourhoods in response to need.


Community play boat

Our community play boat hosts innovative activities on the River Cam. It is a wide-beam narrowboat.

Targeted work

We run a number of closed groups that are mostly referred projects.

HeyDaze has been running since 2002. It provides activities for groups of 12 children aged 9 to 13 years old. The project aims to help children and young people develop self esteem and confidence.


Scrapstore provides a source of recycled materials for children and young people to use in art, craft and play activities. We also sell arts and crafts equipment at cost price.

Read more about Scrapstore

Help and advice

We think these links might be helpful if you need help, support or advice:

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